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Published: Aug 29th, 2019 10:11 PM
Categories: website / development

AuroraCMS is Diemen Design's premiere Australian Open Source Content Management System.

It's built to be lean, fast, and easy to use, including built-in features that other platforms need Addons or Plugins to achieve.

Built using PHP7+, PDO, Bootstrap (Administration).

Let me, just for a moment, explain why AuroraCMS is different than other platforms.

Size, it has a smaller footprint compared to other CMS's, esp. considering its features.

AuroraCMS is not only Blog/Article capable, it also has a lot of other built-in features, such as:
Client Proofs.
Messaging (Full Email Client built-in) with storage of Contact Page Messages.
Shopping Cart.
Rewards System.
Full Invoicing System.
Content Scheduler.
SEO including JSON-LD Built right in.
Accounts with User Ranks with Permissions Options.

Content can be reverted if other Administration Users change the content.

Content Editing Suggestions. SEO's or other Permission enabled Administrators can suggest edits, that if accepted can simply be changed with an approval button

Comments and Reviews require Approval before they are displayed on the Front End, and are also put through the Spam and Honey Pot Test.

Built-in Security that checks submitted form data for spam, and checks users IP against Project Honey Pots Blacklist and can automatically block IP's with a 30day option to clear blacklisted IP's. Security options can also block IP's if known Wordpress attack attempts are made, to reduce hammering of the Website and to stop brute force attempts.

Front end can use any pre-built CSS Framework, or you can roll your own.

The front end uses simple HTML Style tags to indicate where database content should be used.

You can view and download AuroraCMS for our GitHub Repository.

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