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Funny or Disturbing Video Game factoids.
Donkey Kong by Ryan Quintal

Funny or Disturbing Video Game factoids.

Published: Oct 11th, 2020 10:19 PM

For years I've found the history of video games interesting, from biographical novels written by such programmers the likes of Jeff Minter (YAK) of Llamasoft, and Bob Pape's "It's behind you, the making of a video game", to interesting facts of why some elements are in a game and what they represent.

So, I decided to publish a list of all I could find from older video games that I could find, and add to over time.

  • Consoles.
    • Playstation 2 - The design of the PS2 is based on an old Atari computer, the Falcon 030 Microbox. Sony bought the design patent when Atari were going bankrupt.
    • Nintendo 64 - When counting overlapping faces (sides), the Nintendo 64 logo has exactly 64 faces and 64 vertices.
    • Nintendo Wii - The Nintendo Wii's motion control technology was presented to Microsoft and Sony before being presented to Nintendo. Both companies were rude to the creators of the technology during the presentations, and rejected the idea of using their tech for games.
  • Diablo.
    • Play it backwards - When the demonic boss "Diablo" is released in the final level of Diablo 1, he says something in a bizarre language that when played backwards, the voice is English and says "Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal.".
  • Donkey Kong.
    • Popey - Donkey Kong was originally set to be a Popeye arcade games. Mario was Popey, Pauline was Olve Oyl, and DK was Bluto. Nintendo lost the license to the game, but Miyamoto did not want to drop the project, so he filled in the blanks with his own characters.
  • Doom 2.
    • Nirvana - Doom 2 was released in the same year that Kurt Cobain shot himself with a shotgun. The map "Nirvana" in Doom 2 contained a shotgun in the starting sector.
  • Mario Bros.
    • Princess Peach - While It's a common theme of rescuing Princesses and other characters as the main story of a game, it's a little creepy that Mario is rescuing the Princess he loves, considering that Mario is around 40 years of age in the game, while Princess Peach is only 15. It looks as though, and after some extensive research, that the ages I thought were wrong.
    • Mushrooms - For years people have joked that Mario eats magic mushrooms, which is why he see's walking turtles and giant caterpillars. The red and white toadstools that he scarfs down are actually based on a mushroom that, when eaten, makes you feel like you are growing.
    • Porno Stars - There are two pornographic parody movies of Mario called "Super Hornio Brothers", and "Super Hornio Brothers 2". Nintendo actually own the rights to these movices. The bought the rights to makes sure the movies would never be released again.
  • Pacman.
    • Pizza - Pacman revolves around the idea of eating. His Japanese name is Pakkuman, derived from the Japanese phrase describing the sound of a mouth opening and closing quickly. But this connection to eating runs even deeper. His design is based on a pizza missing a slice. So if you’ve ever been chowing down on a pizza and thought you saw something familiar, you were right.
  • Simpsons.
    • Freaky ears - Marge Simpson's hair was originally designed to conceal large, life in hell-esque rabbit ears. The gag was intended to be revealed in the final episode of the series, but was cast aside due to inconsistencies. This idea can be seen in the Simpson's arcade game.
  • Sonic.
    • What's in a name - A gene and protein that separates your right brain from the left, and determines you have two eyes is called sonic hedgehog. The gene’s symbol is SHH. The name wasn’t inspired directly by the game, but a comic-book series. A British post-doc named Robert Riddle drew inspiration from a Sonic comic his 6-year-old daughter was reading. The gene appropriately has a spiky appearance.
    • Fresher - Sonic The Hedgehog first appeared as an Air Freshener in "RAD Mobile", a racing games the released three months before the first sonic game.
  • Space Invaders.
    • Coin Shortage - When Space Invaders was release in Japan it was so popular that it caused a temporary shortage of the 100-Yen coin, the coin most commonly used for Arcade Machines.

Obviously there are a lot more interesting,disturbing and funny facts about developing video games, and the above are but a meagre few. That said, if you discover or know any more don't hesitate to get in touch or comment below, so we can add them above (along with attribution).

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