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Do you use WordPress or another Content Management System?

No, we don't use WordPress or other Content Management System, we do however, use a custom built Content Management System that we built and maintain. You can read more about it, in our article AuroraCMS.


What is the best finish to use on my timber product?

The best finish can depend on a lot of factors, like, what is the item used for, how much does it get handled, and what type of look you want the item to have. You can find out more about the finish's we use here DIY Timber Finish Recipe's.

What timber's are commonly used from Tasmania?

Tasmania has a unique climate that produces some of the best timber worldwide, primarily slow growing varieties, including Huon Pine, Sassafras, Blackwood. You can read more about Tasmanian Timber's in our article Tasmanian Timbers.

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