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PI-3 Rollerball SN Styled Pen - Huon Pine

PI-3 Rollerball SN Styled Pen - Huon Pine

Published: Nov 17th, 2019 2:29 PM

This Pen is the third of our Individual Series of Pens.

This Huon Pine Rollerball SN series Pen was hand turned, and features birds-eye grain, with a yellow-golden hue, and is finished with Cyano Acrylate giving the pen a durable tough gloss exterior finish.

The Rollerball series of pens are a weighty pen that is great for signing documents with its smooth action and makes a great keepsake gift that looks good on any desk with its gold trim accent and comes with a Black Velvet Pouch.

You can see our pen making process in our article Wood Turned Pen Making Process.

Or if you prefer to watch videos you can have a look at Woodturning a Huon Pine Rollerball Pen or Making multiple Woodturned Rollerball Pens with various timbers.

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