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Powerline Automotive Services

Powerline Automotive Services

Published: Sep 25th, 2019 8:00 AM
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When the Powerline Automotive Services Website was originally brought to us by Raycraft Computer Consultants it was originally built using WordPress with a bought theme.

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As is typical with most of the WordPress based Websites that I end up being involved with, it wasn't set up properly. It had Yoast installed for the clients SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but hadn't been configured at all. There was no information entered to help the Website to rank in any form. The sitemap wasn't configured correctly, but worst of all, being Wordpress, there were no security options installed.

There was, however, the basic content entered that I could work with, to at least have some content on the Website so I could work out the basic keywords that the Website required to start ranking competitively in its niche.

powerlineauto-services powerlineauto-services-360

At the time I was working on the redesign, I was developing LibreCMS (now AuroraCMS), and I was able to find the original bought Theme online, but as I had access to most of the Website I was able to procure most of the graphic media, and commence redesigning the Website to work in AuroraCMS, keeping close to the original design, as that was the clients already established brand, and they had already paid another designer to produce their graphic media. I didn't feel it necessary that they have to pay again for imagery that they have already been charged for, and in that way, help keep their costs down after already having paid thousands for a failed setup.

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The new design, as you can see from the images above, and by visiting the Website, is now Responsive, and Mobile Friendly thanks to utilising Bootstrap 4 for the CSS Framework.

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As the original theme represented the businesses brand, we stuck to the original design as much as possible, but made it Mobile Friendly, and added better SEO Markup while converting the template to work in Standards Compliant HTML5 and CSS3, and made sure to make it complies with ARIA/A11Y (Accessibility Standards) for all visitor's, so as not to exclude those with Disabilities.

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