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Published: Jul 14th, 2019 4:44 PM

We use our custom-built Open Source Content Management System (CMS), called AuroraCMS to build Standards Compliant and Accessible Compliant Websites. We have built the AuroraCMS to leverage Open Source Tools and Technologies and enables us to pass the savings onto our very happy client's.

After reading an article recently indicating that about 60% of Australian businesses don't have a Website, we surmise this is due to a few not surprising reasons.

  1. Social Media makes it easy for businesses to get their products known to the general public easily, but we feel this loses the personal, one to one touch that many customers prefer, and also enables those products and services to get lost in the noise of social media.
  2. Costs quoted by a lot of designer's in the thousands, and we mean in the vicinity of 10's of thousands. While yes, people should be paid their worth, we believe that those high costs stop a lot of businesses venturing into having their business presence online, and these are the businesses we cater for, and why our pricing is structured how it is.

With the above said, if your business is a Registered Charity, please contact us to see what we can do to help, as we have cheaper rates for Registered Charities.

When undertaking the design challenge of a website we recommend keeping the design as close to the already established branding of that business, which has already spent money and time developing that brand, why then change it.

We have built our CMS to make editing the content on your website quick and easy, including everything needed for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) built in, without the need of plugins that just add bloat, security issues, and many other unnecessary problems.

editing-content-content editing-content-images editing-content-seo editing-content-settings

Security is something we take very seriously. AuroraCMS has been extensively tested with security testing tools to make sure we have the minimum of issues with the code base.

However, nothing is infallible, if you find an issue, or wish to help fix issues, or even add or request features, please visit the already linked repository above, and lend a hand, it won't just be helping improve our product, but also improve it for the wider community that uses it.

As part of its security, AuroraCMS monitors for various known attack vectors, they aim most of which towards WordPress (which we don't use, or recommend despite its popularity).

We use Project Honey Pot to help monitor form submission data when a visitor or possibly bad actors (such as hackers or malicious bots) use public-facing forms. Bad actors can be automatically added to a Blacklist which completely blocks their access to the website. There are various other options to help protect the website, too many to go into here.

When building the theme for your website, there are several things we implement along with your design. These include:-

  • SEO Optimisation for Mobile and Desktop, we use our own custom CSS Framework to make the development of themes quick, although AuroraCMS can use any CSS Framework. We run extensive tests to make sure everything is in place to allow Search Engines (not just Google) to index the contents of each page. Saying this though, we don't add the content needed for SEO, we only provide the tools to allow clients to add their keywords, title's, descriptions and so on.
  • A11Y (ARIA Accessibility) is important to allow people with visual and other disabilities to use websites easily. We extensively test the accessibility of each theme during development to make sure of compliance. Not having an accessible site ensures you could lose much of your audience. We believe everyone deserves to access websites despite their disabilities.

All our developed websites using AuroraCMS include unlimited pages and come with standard pre-built and setup pages as a default, that can be enabled or disabled as needed, including:

  • Inventory (included Order System [Quotes, Invoices]).
  • Blog Articles.
  • Forum (In development).
  • Services.
  • Gallery.
  • Contact.
  • Testimonials.
  • Bookings.

With our websites, you have control of your content, you can edit your content at will, at no extra cost. We are happy to help with getting you going, like adding 1 or 2 products, or services so you get the idea. If you need more extensive help with SEO, we recommend doing one or more courses with Kate Toon's Recipes for SEO Success.

We recommend and use VentraIP for Web Hosting (handled by Raycraft Computer Consultants) and Domain Registration.

Please note, that the price shown above, does NOT include Domain Registration or ongoing Hosting Services.

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